The post-Covid era is a particularly interesting time for the lighting controls market right now. Most lighting salespeople were not able to meet face-to-face with many customers over the past two years to demonstrate new lighting controls, LED and fixtures. That’s a big deal in lighting, because a huge part of the sale being able to compare and contrast different lighting systems for potential customers.

Merger and acquisition activity in the lighting market hasn’t slowed down, either. GE Current bought the Hubbell Lighting division in 2021, and Signify closed on its acquisition of Eaton’s Cooper Lighting unit in March 2020. In 2021, Signify acquired Telensa, a developer of lighting networks for smart cities and Fluence, a provider of lighting products for the agricultural market.

App-based lighting controls. When someone says, “There’s an app for that,” they may be talking about one of the lighting manufacturers that over the past 10 years have developed apps for smartphone or tablet-based control of LED lighting systems. One of the first smart apps controlled the hue LED lighting systems introduced by Philips Lighting/Signify in Oct. 2012. The company promoted it ability to save favorite lighting scenes, tune white light from warm candlelight to vibrant, cool white light; and control and monitor lights remotely when not at home for security. Since the hue LED system hit the market, app-based lighting control for residential, smaller offices and other commercial lighting applications have become commonplace.

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Jenny Simpson · April 19, 2022 at 9:43 am


Thank you very much for this informative post. I really learned a lot about the new systems available. I am in the market for a new system for my house so I will be in touch with you guys to get more information. Thanks again.

    Edison Lebone · April 22, 2022 at 12:57 am

    Hi Jenny, You are more than welcome. You can get in touch with us via email or by visiting our contact page and filling out the form. We look forward to meeting you Jenny.

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