Eskom has increased the amount of transmission capacity available for new wind-based electricity generation projects in the southern parts of South Africa.

Outlined in an addendum to the Generation Connection Capacity Assessment (GCCA) 2025, the additional capacity was obtained by “curtailing” previously approved projects within “reasonable” bounds, it said.

“Parts of the transmission network in the most favourable areas for wind generation – such as the Eastern Cape and Western Cape – have no capacity, as all of the capacity has been depleted from previous bid window rounds and private off-takers,” said Segomoco Scheppers, group executive of Eskom Transmission Group, in a statement on Sunday.

“By accepting a reasonable share of no more than 10% of curtailment, 3 470MW of additional generation capacity can be connected to the grid almost immediately, with 2 680MW in the Western Cape and 790MW in the Eastern Cape,” said Scheppers.

Eskom defines curtailment as “the controlled reduction of the output of renewable energy plants in response to transmission capacity constraints”.

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