Resthaven Ministries


Resthaven Ministries (Resthaven) started out on this heart felt Journey in 1979 when it was stirred to meet the some of the needs in the community by providing a soup kitchen in the southern suburbs of Johannesburg. Out of this grew what is today Resthaven.





Resthaven became a registered Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) on 7th June 2001 and on 24 June 2006 were awarded Public Benefit Organisation certification which, in terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act, 1962, enables donors to claim donations against their taxable income (subject to conditions).


Resthaven now strives to provide additional services like accommodation, a place of safety, as well as food, clothing, shelter and care to those in need whether they are children, adults or the aged.


Resthaven’s objective and motto is to “find a need and meet it, and to find a hurt and heal it”. This has meant that we have become very active in our community in the southern suburbs of Johannesburg.


We have a number of homes including a baby sanctuary where we look after babies waiting to be adopted, a children’s home for HIV+ children, 2 senior homes where we cater for the needs of state pensioners, a place of refuge located on a farm where we look after men who have fallen on hard times.


We look after around 50 people – babies, children and adults plus around 36 staff members. Our kitchen produces in excess of 2 000 main meals a month for all the people living in our various facilities. Over and above this, these facilities also cater for breakfast and a light meal at supper time. We have been running a soup kitchen every Wednesday where we feed approximately 250 people at a time.


Keeping these homes running, and feeding the people every day has put us under severe pressure. Our costs continue to spiral with food inflation, utilities and fuel costs amongst others frequently increasing.



Fundraising as a result of the current economic conditions world-wide has fallen with more organizations chasing a shrinking pie. As a result of these, plus various other factors like maintenance, general running expenses etc. we have taken the strategic decision to become as self-sufficient as possible and are attempting to grow our own food and develop our own livestock. However in saying that, we still require much support and assistance in getting this operational.


We rely heavily on companies like Edison Lebone for support and without their help we would be forced to close down some or all of our operations. For additional detailed information regarding our current initiatives / future projects / needs required in order to sustain Resthaven, the Aged / the Children / the babies / the less fortunate / and the Staff that daily dedicate their lives to this wonderful and hearty cause caring of for the needy.


We welcome you to visit the Resthaven Website where all the detailed information is readily available. We would be thrilled to engage in further discussion should you be wanting to partner or to get a better feel for what Resthaven do and in that, supporting us in “Finding a Need, and Meeting it, Finding a Hurt and Healing it”.

Human Resources and Black Empowerment



Edison Lebone pursues employment practices that support the broader national BEE strategy and more specifically encourages active participation from business in South Africa to provide economic opportunities that grow and empower Black Entrepreneurship, and attract BEE investors with similar vision, values and goals.


Edison Lebone has commissioned Vericom to assess our BEE status and to enable the necessary strategy to embrace prevailing legislation as it applies to the various Charters that impact on our various market segments.


As part of the BEE strategy, Edison Lebone has in 2010 established Umthala Logistics (Pty) Ltd for previously disadvantaged staff members in Edison Lebone to enter into the mainstream transport economy. This entity is tasked with the delivery of goods to customers locally with the intention of growing this to a national delivery infrastructure.


We're green!


We Care
• About our community and,
• We care about our environment too



At Edison Lebone we understand our responsibility to our community and our environment. Not only do we promote & supply a wide variety of energy efficient lighting ranging from CFL’s & T5 FL’s to Induction lighting and full range of LED’s, We also supply energy efficient services.


Our energy efficiency projects division will help you reduce your energy consumption which will not only save you money on your electricity bill, they be helping you to care for your environment.


Our services include:
• upgrading your lighting with the latest in energy efficient lighting technology whilst developing a tailored solution to your specific requirememnts,
• increasing the savings with the installation of occupancy sensors
• we will install hot water heat pumps which will replace from the household geyser to the industrial sized boilers up to 30000L and even swimming pools


In the USA alone, buildings consume:
1. 14% of portable water,
2. 40% of raw materials, and
3. 39% of energy


This equates to 15 Trillion gallons (56,78 Trillion litres) of water and 3 Billion tons of raw material.


Let’s care for ‘Our Green World’.

Let’s make every day an EARTH DAY.